Depending on who you speak to, you will get a different answer to what personal branding is all about.

I take the view that your brand is you, your services or products, and your branding is how you advertise and market your brand. If you are the face of your brand by virtue of the services or products that you sell, you will need to market yourself because you are your brand!

It is important that your audience know that you are out there, and it is important to start to build up a relationship and a reputation with your audience. In some cases, you will need to humanise yourself so your audience know that you are real and share the same emotions as they do. Allowing your potential client base to get to know you in this way allows them to like you and your values. This, in turn, creates trust, and when that happens, your connection with your audience results in more clients or sales.

My job as your branding photographer is to present visual opportunities for you to market yourself in a way that creates an emotional connection with your brand and your potential and returning clients.