Personal branding

It is difficult to ignore the current media hype about the conservative party leadership campaign that is now in full swing.

You may have seen some of the videos, debate and images of the candidates as they now start to build their personal brands with a view of selling themselves to their party as honest, professional and trustworthy people who are worthy of office.

How are they doing this? They are relying on the same branding strategies that we use in our businesses today. Some of the more unknown candidates have their worked cut as they need their voting public to get to know them, like them and trust them. They need to devise marketing pillars that will elevate their brand and their mission statement in the quickest time and most effective way possible.

How does this translate to us?

We also need our audience – our ideal and potential clients need to know we exist, to like us for what we do and to trust us enough to buy into our services or products.

We have to appeal to our clients emotions, so whether they are buying into a politicians policies or deciding on what their next car will be, their decision making is largely based on how they are made to feel by our brand.

I have lost count how many times I have been instantly attracted to something based on its packaging; its colour, or how it makes me feel. I have to remind myself to be more logical in my decision making. I mean crikey, I bought my last two houses based on how they made me feel – you don’t get any more emotionally involved than buying a house.

So what does this all mean to us as business owners? Well, if you are the face of your brand do you have a brand strategy, have you defined your brand identity, and speaking as a branding photographer, how are you creating your visual identity within your personal brand?

Let me leave you with this final thought. We work in a world where our ideal and potential clients are battered and exposed to advertising visuals every day. How does your brand stand out from the crowd, how memorable is your brand to your audience, and how do you convey your unique selling point and personal character traits to the buying public?

If you would like to know more as to how my branding photography can improve your visual identity then let me help you elevate your brand so your clients will know who you are, understand what you do and trust you to deliver your promise to them.

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