To Stock or not to stock

To Stock or not to Stock – that is the question!

So lovely business owners, you decide you need some images to support your brand. In this scenario, your brand is a service. So what do you do? Maybe you jump onto the internet and purchase some stock images.

There is no doubt that stock images are good quality and do have a purpose for some businesses but let me ask you.

Do they tell your story?

Do they show your clients the ‘why’?

Are they showcasing your brand?

Are the visuals ‘on brand’ in terms of colour, style, and message?

Are they consistent from image to image?

Do they create client emotion with your brand?

Will they allow your potential clients get to know you?

Will they allow your potential clients to like you?

Will they allow your potential clients to trust you?

If you are interested in obtaining a bank of bespoke personal branding images that do everything that I have mentioned above, then why not contact me to discuss your business needs and vision over a nice coffee. Click on my Linktree below to see my contact details

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