Branding Shoots

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

It is often said, a picture paints a thousand words and, with that in mind, it matters not what business you are in, from architecture to zoology. I will craft a set of high-quality images that you can use for all your social media platforms, your website and marketing materials because, let’s face it, having professional photos of yourself is going to elevate your brand and your business and people want to see you. 

Let me help you to articulate your business with professional imagery 

All businesses and people in business require professional-quality images that show the best version of you to your clients. I can help you achieve a greater level of service and a closer connection to your clients by offering professional-quality personal branding at affordable prices. 

I will make your experience fun and stress free, so it doesn’t matter if you are a camera-shy or camera-confident client. I will look after you every step of the way.

So, what is brand photography?

A brand photography session is more than just headshots or a commercial or corporate shoot; it’s about storytelling, a bit like a wedding photographer tells the story of the day and not just of the ceremony. With brand photography, whether it’s a personal brand session or a business brand session, I help to tell the story of:

  • who the brand is
  • what the brand values are
  • what the brand mission is, i.e. what the brand is all about. 

I create pictures that appeal to that brand’s ideal clients, which in turn create an emotional connection that allows the clients to get to know, like and trust the brand. My aim is to create a bank of on-brand images that have a consistent feel and tone which can be used for all on and offline requirements.

People buy from people they like, therefore my relationship with my clients is important to me and starts building from the first moment we meet. When you hire me as your photographer, you are buying into my core values of trust, respect and professionalism. You are investing in my creativity as your photographer to sculpt images that exemplify your brand and business.

You are investing in my passion for your project to succeed with images that you will love and be able to repurpose. You are investing in my drive and energy for your business to excel within your sector. And you are investing in my complete undivided attention from the planning phase right through to the image delivery. My ultimate aim is to create a bank of on-brand images that have a consistent feel and tone which can be used for all on and offline requirements.

Steve Forbes said, ‘Your brand is the single most important investment that you can make in your business.’ So, if you are the face of your brand, I can help you to market yourself to your audience where you will be able to create an emotional connection that will result in more enquiries to your business.


Discovery meeting

This is possibly where we meet for the first time. It is about breaking down barriers and allowing me to explain my business, how I work and how I will take your pictures. I will show you examples from my portfolio and offer suggestions as to what visual content would work in your business (followed by contract and 20% deposit, balance paid week prior to shoot).


Planning meeting

Following your discovery meeting, if you are happy to proceed, we then book our planning meeting. This meeting is a detailed couple of hours where I look to immerse myself in your world. I ask questions and make suggestions. I then build all of your information into a planning document that is ongoing and organic. The document is web based and will be made available to you to view and add comments (shoot date set).


The day of your photoshoot

This is the day your vision comes to life where we realise all of our planning into your visual stories.


Image delivery

Your images will be delivered by a file transfer service within 10 days of your shoot.

Depending on who you speak to, you will get a different answer to what personal branding is all about.

I take the view that your brand is you, your services or products, and your branding is how you advertise and market your brand. If you are the face of your brand by virtue of the services or products that you sell, you will need to market yourself because you are your brand!

It is important that your audience know that you are out there, and it is important to start to build up a relationship and a reputation with your audience. In some cases, you will need to humanise yourself so your audience know that you are real and share the same emotions as they do. Allowing your potential client base to get to know you in this way allows them to like you and your values. This, in turn, creates trust, and when that happens, your connection with your audience results in more clients or sales.

Therefore, my job as your branding photographer is to present visual opportunities for you to market yourself in a way that creates an emotional connection with your brand and your potential and returning clients.

I can accommodate all levels of people in business, from start-ups to more established SMEs. My packages start from 3 all the way to 50 images, with a choice of prices to suit all budgets, and multiple clothing and location changes.

You will have a commercial use licence to use your images on and offline. Your images will be a real asset to you in any content marketing strategy that you may have.

I offer a number of packages based on my clients’ needs. They start from as little as £120.

I do not have a subscription package but I do offer mini branding experiences. These can be used as a one-off or multiple times throughout the year depending on your needs.